Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summer White

White... Long associated with purity and innocence has waited patiently in the closet all winter long, but with summer on the horizon white will once again push it's way to the front of the line as the most sensual and elegant of colors.
Designers have crafted their finest designs in the timeless and chic color of white.

Welcome back white, we missed you!!!


  1. There's something so 90s about all of these. In a good way. If I weren't pastier than a slice of french cheese I'd even try wearing it.

  2. Love your blog!

    I can't really ever wear white because I get dirty alllll of the time. I did pick up a pair of white jcrew linen pants, so I am going to try it this spring!!


  3. Looking forward to busting out white as well. My fave is a chic white blouse. Simple yet so cool.

    Really enjoy your blog, I'm following now. Love for you to check out mine:

  4. this post i great love white but so hard to get it right :-) x

  5. I wear mostly black things, but it's only because I always get my clothes dirty throughout the day and black covers it up the most lol I'd really like to get into this trend tho...

  6. Ahh, I've been seeing so many new posts regarding the color white for spring/summer. Looks like everyone has been missing white!

    My favorite look for white would be wearing the over-sized/cropped white tops with a pair of jean shorts and just over accessorizing like mad.

  7. I love wearing white, the pic at the end with Blake Lively is so pretty. I definitely can't wait until summer. Nice blog!!

    Just started a fashion/beauty blog in SF

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  10. Ditto. It's just started to be warm enough here, but not quite. I want more white filmy dresses.

  11. love these styles :)

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  13. Lovely styles! I really like your blog, I'm a new follower! Ciao! :)

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  15. i agree 100% tha traveling is a necessity and i love meeting people from different cultures...and i love the little white dog on the side with all the kisses! so cute. following now...i hope you can stop by my page also! :-)

  16. Blake always looks great!

  17. gorgeous...white is my favorite color, thanks for sharing!


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  19. excelente trabajo muy creativo


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